Keep it Open
Sustainable design company, built on three principles:
conscious consumption, minimalism, and care about environment
Surround Yourself With Objects You Love

"It's important to keep items you love with confidence – and to truly cherish them. From shoes and bags to electronics and toothbrushes, our belongings work hard for us. They are worthy of respect and gratitude at all times – not just when we're saying goodbye to them." – Marie Kondo

My design philosophy is all about creating an interior that can work around your everyday life and evolve with your needs and personal style. My ethos is really grounded in investing in less, but better – prioritising simplicity, sustainability and design built to last. There are 4 steps in this process:

Creating a visual idea of your space with modern design look
Tidying and organizing your home according your lifestyle
Change of old and non-recycled objects to sustainable ones
High-qualified service to make your home beautiful

What is it a conscious living?

It's all about curating a home with less but better – prioritising simplicity, sustainability and design built to last.

Instead of constantly buying into new trends, we should invest in how a space feels to be in. Because an interior is more than just a statement or display, they're places that should be designed around how we live every day not just how we want it to look – spaces that evolve with us, connect to our senses and give us a little joy each day.

Living simply is about being mindful of the things we put in our home, where they come from, how they're made and how they make us feel. Joy is personal. Each individual's ideal life – and space – will look different from the next.


Hi, I'm Valeria,
an Interior & Product Designer
based in Los Angeles.

After working for 3 years in Stockholm as a furniture and accessories designer, I opened several design brands focused on conscious living. Keep it Open is one of them, it represents my passion of creating interiors that are simple and timeless – homes that are designed to be lived in, that are telling the story.

I believe in the relationship between wellness and interiors, and how our homes can make us feel better. Home a relaxing space to retreat to – a quiet place to unplug, free from distractions and daily stresses. That's why I like plain walls, soft textures, natural materials and neutral colours – they have an instantly calming effect on me.

More about me you can find on my web page: valeriasergienko.com

Each project is unique and has its own complexities, so please get in touch to see how we can work together to create something that suits your home and your budget. To find out more and discuss potential projects, please contact me at:

Los Angeles, US / +1 (213) 670-5324
Follow us on Instagram @keep.it.open

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Bathroom set
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Living room
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Natural wicker pouf
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Wooden kitchen
Bathroom set
Bathroom set